CiaraIs your weave starting to look too weavy? We’ve all been there. I don’t think there’s a weave wearer out there who hasn’t purchased a bad batch of hair, tried to save money by purchasing cheap hair or simply waited too long between trips to the salon. If your extensions are starting to look like a tangled nest on top of your head, here are some tips on how to make the best of a bad situation.

Try a new hat
If your hair extensions are still pretty and intact but your roots are in need of a touch up, just use some creative styling, consider wearing a Fedora hat to your next event or night out. You can also try a head wrap, both are great ways to stylishly conceal your new growth.

Cope with Dry or tangled Hair
If the hair is dry or tangles up, try washing and deep conditioning it with silicon mix to work out those pesky tangles. If you’re on the go, keep a travel-sized brush with you at all times. Whenever your weave is acting up, you can excuse yourself to the bathroom and comb it out from ends to root.

ACV wash for curly hair
If your hair is curly and keeps getting bigger and bigger as the day goes on, try an apple cider vinegar rinse and co-wash before you leave the house. You can then apply a light moisturizing oil to the ends. Keep a small spray bottle with you throughout the day to apply light spritzes of water that will help keep the hair under control.

Only buy the best hair
No home remedy can top the benefits you’ll get from only buying top-quality, 100 percent human hair from a reputable salon or extensions store. Natural human hair extensions, properly maintained, will keep their look longer and better than any of the cheaper alternatives.

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