scalpAlthough many of us search the stores looking for new products to use to achieve the perfect hair, did you know that beautiful hair starts from the scalp? Unfortunately, many of us suffer from dry, itching, irritated scalps and other problems which have a major negative impact on the health and appearance of our hair. However, there are a number of easy DIY techniques you can use to heal and promote a clean, healthy scalp.

  • Coconut oil and citrus treatment

For this treatment, you’ll also need a scalp brush, bowl and applicator brush or cotton balls. Combine four tablespoons of coconut oil with two tablespoons of lemon juice and one tablespoon of grapefruit juice. Slowly and gently roll the scalp brush across your scalp to stimulate the skin and dislodge any build-up. Part your hair in the center, then apply the oil mixture onto small sections of your scalp with the applicator brush or cotton swabs until covered. Finally, give yourself a good scalp massage, let the treatment sit for 20 minutes and then clean up with shampoo and conditioner.

  • Tea tree oil

Tea tree oil can be irritating, but if your dry scalp problems involve dandruff, it can be one of the best remedies around. You can modify the above recipe to use tea tree oil instead of citrus, perhaps also with some rosemary oil for more follicle stimulation. Use no more than two to four drops of tea tree oil, depending on your sensitivities, and apply as above. Also consider adding tea tree oil to your usual shampoo.

  • Massage to promote good circulation

One under-appreciated cause of many scalp ailments is poor circulation. If you suspect your scalp isn’t getting enough blood flow for optimum health, consider a massage. After brushing your hair while bending or lying down, massage in small quantities of olive oil, making small circles with your fingertips. Next, wrap your head in a hot, damp, towel and sit comfortably for 10 minutes. Remove the towel, and rinse with warm water or shampoo if desired.
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