We all like the convenience of natural human hair extensions, lace wigs and weaves. They allow us to add length and volume to our natural hair, or to try exotic hair textures. However it is not ideal to wear the same installation method 12 months out of the year.

Constant tension on the same area of the scalp can lead to damaged hair follicles or thinning hair. This can be avoided, it is simple all you need to do is switch up the way you have your virgin human hair extensions installed. For example if your current weave is sewn in next time try clip-on hair extensions. They can be applied with or without the help of a stylist, they are undetectable, they look completely natural, and they are available in various length and texture.

You will not have to compromise on quality, they last
longer than weft hair extensions and keratin tipped hair
extension know as U/I tips. Women who suffer from dry
scalp can appreciate natural clip-in extensions, because
their hair is not bound by tight braid which can cause an insatiable itching sensation for them that can last for hours. Here are a few tips for purchasing natural clip-in hair extensions:

  • Purchase clip-on hair extensions that matches your hair’s natural texture
  • If you have short hair you may need 2pkg
  • Natural clip-in extensions can be used for high lights or low lights, for women with long hair
  • Only purchase quality human hair extensions, to ensure that you look your best!

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